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Round 4 - Team Penning Buckle Series

Nominations are now open!

Nominations close Sunday 11th October.

Team Penning runs are capped subject to cattle availability.

Payments due by Monday 12th October, if payment is not in the club account your team will be cancelled.

# Canteen will be open Friday evening & Saturday 7am to 4pm #

Presentation & Dinner from 6pm at the Club house, see menu below.

COVID-19 Attendee Form & Horse Health Decs to be handed in at gate on entry.

Please have memberships completed before the event - email forms to

+ If you are not feeling well or have a cough, sore throat, fever or fatigue, please stay home.

+ If you have travelled from overseas or a Covid-19 hotspot in the last 14 days, please do not attend.

+ Social Distancing still needs to be maintained, this includes in camping areas, canteen, grandstands & toilets. Please keep 1.5m apart when queuing.

Please record all people who are attending on the COVID attendee form which will is also on our FB page. Horse Health Decs will also be required at the gate.

There will be someone at the gate collecting forms and letting each vehicle through once these have been checked.

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