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News Update - 2021 Committee

The AGM was held on 28 November. Thank you to all of the Committee, coordinators, volunteers & helpers for 2020, it was a challenging year. Thank you to the members for participating under the new restrictions.

New 2021 Committee .....

President - Linda Urquhart

Vice President - Jessica Jensen

Secretary - Jeanne Robinson

Treasurer - Helen Clatworthy

Nominations - Helen Clatworthy

Memberships - Helen Clatworthy

Cattle Coordinator - Greg Murphy

Team Penning Co - Jessica Jensen

Cutting Co - Barry Jesberg

Timed Events Co - Nicky Cavanagh

Novelty Co - Renee Crang

Dear Members, At the AGM last Saturday, we discussed the fact that every year the club struggles to find volunteers to help maintain our grounds (including working bees and general maintenance) and help out with our events. After lengthy discussions it has been agreed that the committee will now be introducing a volunteer levy with our memberships.

The cost of this levy is $20.00 per membership. You will need to pay this levy with your membership.

There are two options with this levy: 1-You can pay the levy and this will cover your volunteer hours for the year. Once your membership is up for renewal then a new levy will need to be paid. 2-You can pay the levy then if you carry out some volunteering throughout the year, the $20 will be rolled over to the following year or refunded if you do not renew your membership. Volunteering opportunities are as follows:

* volunteer at one of our events for half a day (eg in/out gate; front gate) OR * help out at a working bee OR *carry out some grounds maintenance OR *attend 2 meetings per year.

It is your responsibility to advise the committee that you have carried out all or some of the volunteer hours; this will then be recorded for the end of year.

This was not an easy decision for the committee, but we feel that to get the club moving forward this was the only way we could get more volunteers which helps with having our events run more smoothly. Regards, GHRA Executive Committee

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