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Member Update... June 2020

Hello All!

Hopefully the planned Covid-19 Stage 3 restrictions will be easing to a maximum of 100 people per event, which will allow us to go ahead the below event on the 10th to 12th of July.

Followed by Timed Events Buckle Series Round 1,2&3 on 25th&26th July (more info to come).

Unfortunately SEQ Team Penning Championships will not go ahead this year but we are hoping we can have at least 4 Rounds of the Buckle Series with weekends in August, September & October.

Fundraiser Weekend

Please read all of the information - If you are not feeling well, please do not attend.

Entry at the Gate -

Each vehicle that enters is to hand in a Horse Health Dec with all animals and people recorded. This must be pre-filled and handed to the person at the gate. You will not be allowed to enter without this form completed.

All competitors must be members. No day memberships allowed.

No entry for spectators or family members (Child riders with parent exempt).

Camping Restrictions -

Camping must be nominated - No Nomination / No Camping

If you are only riding Friday in cutting practice - No Camping available

If you are not competing on 2 consecutive days - No Camping available

Camping is only open to riders who are nominated in Fri/Sat/Sun events or

Fri/Sat events or Sat/Sun events.

Fingers crossed we get to see you soon!

GH&RA Committee

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