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March News -

# Congratulations to Barry Jesberg, our Cutting Co-ordinator, who has

taken on the position of Vice President. Barry is a long-standing

member and has a lot of experience with horses and cattle.

# We ran a very successful team penning school last weekend. Many

thanks to Ty Granger and his offsiders, Gary Sheather, Cody Granger

and Tahlia Harrop for all your hard work. It was wonderful to see some

new faces, many of whom have now nominated for Round 1!

# Nominations for Round 1 are now closed. Due to the limited number of cattle the runs are capped for all events.

Payments are due Friday 5th March. Please don't leave it until the last minute as some bank transfers take a few days to be processed.

Please advise any changes to teams before Sunday so prize money and draws can be sorted.

# Horse Health Declarations can be completed and emailed to - we can then store them electronically instead of having to keep all that paper!

Covid information can be submitted using the QR code which you will

find on our website, under "Forms and Rules".

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