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February News - Sponsors, Yard bookings & other updates!

Meeting was held 6th of February, summary highlights-

- Peta Swanston has volunteered to be the Safety Officer for 2021, she will be arranging First aiders to be at each event.

- Discussion around removing & swapping the Rodeo chutes for bull rail panels.

- Decision made to change bank account to Bendigo Bank as CUA has now closed the branch in Gympie.

- Decision made to erect a temporary fence from the grandstand area to the Secretary box to allow spectators safe passage and keep horses back from the

pedestrian walkways.

- Novelty event will be held at Round 1 between Team Penning events Saturday.

# Nominations will be taken on the day

# Enquires to Linda.

- Yard booking is now available!

To secure a yard you can now book with your nominations.

$10 fee will reserve a yard. If you are camping & pay the $15 camp fee this will then secure a camping spot next to your booked yard. You are not able to camp elsewhere and you cannot then save yards for your team mates.

Once you have booked please text/email Jeanne 0409 669704

to request a yard number (see map below), Jeanne will then confirm the number and your name will be written on the yard for the event.

Yards will be reserved for Sponsors, Committee & Specific Event Volunteers. Please confirm with your attendance with Jeanne and number of yards required.

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Jeanne Robinson
Jeanne Robinson
Mar 01, 2021

Hi Patsy

You don't have to book a yard. There are 109 yards so most people will be taking pot luck on the day but travellers have asked us to impliment this system so that they are assured of a yard and camp spot. In the past some people have been blocking off yards for day use and leaving campers with no yards near where they can camp. For most competitors the yards will be free.




I would like to say a big THANK YOU to the committee and volunteers for the hard work that it takes to keep the club and grounds looking good. I do understand the increase of cost in nominations (increase of value cattle hire and now cattle are hard to obtained) and the levy being put into the membership. Now you are charging a fee to reserve a pen (if required). I would like to say we are not clubs in Maryborough or Caboolture where they hire the grounds for their events and riders are required use their facility - pen/stables. I think with all the increases of cost I do not think it is warranted to charge extra fee…

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