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February/ March News update....

The year has started with a bang with two very successful events so far.

For the first time, the club organised two "Come and Try" days on February 3rd and 4th

which were very popular and enjoyed by all who attended.

This gave absolute beginners the chance to see how Team Penning is run, what the basic rules are and enabled them to try their hand at working cattle.

56 riders took advantage of this opportunity and appreciated the opportunity to learn from our hardworking coaches, Gary, Bim and Col.

On 17th & 18th Feb we ran our usual Beginner Team Penning School which attracted 25 riders. The participants were divided into two groups and each group had two coaches, Tina and Col and Gary and Bim so there was a lot of individual instruction. On the Sunday teams were formed and riders were able to put their new skills to the test in a mini competition.

The coaches were in the arena to guide them for the first few runs, then they were on their own for a real competition run.

Thanks to Saddleworld for providing vouchers for the winning team and Hunchy Hay for bales of hay for lucky draw prizes.

We couldn't have these events without cattle!! A huge thank you to Gary Williams for providing cattle for both of these events and to Doug Pratt for transport.

Next Event is Round 1 Team Penning Buckle Series 16 & 17 March.

Some rules have been updated/clarified - please check the rule book.

GH&RA Committee

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