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Our Club Grounds and clubhouse are available for hire. Please contact us for further information. You can download a copy of the Club Hire Form which gives pricing and other information

Grounds Use Rules - Financial Members


Do not pass on the gate code to anyone! (This is a Club Rule, not a request!)

  1. You must be member.

  2. You must contact Helen for permission at least 24 hours before use of the grounds.  (Sometimes we are hard to get hold of but we don’t actually get paid to do this!)

  3. Fees: $2 per person, per day.  (Other charges apply for lights).

  4. You must provide a Horse Health Declaration. (We hold these for 2 years.)

  5. If you are under 18 you must wear a helmet.

  6. You may not perform any sort of service for anyone else for money, or any other form of remuneration. This means no lessons and no training or breaking-in of other people’s horses.

  7. You may not receive lessons and pay for them in money or any other form of remuneration of any kind.

  8. You are required to provide us with your vehicle rego. We will check this against the security camera.

  9. If you want to do either point 6 or 7, you need public liability insurance, provide a completed Grounds Hire form, have paid a $400 bond and the current hire fee, as shown on the hire form.

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